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Oh Sew Chlo

Tori Adult Leggings - Oh Sew Dragon

Tori Adult Leggings - Oh Sew Dragon

Indulge in the perfect blend of comfort and style with Tori Adult Leggings! Embrace the day with a snug, yoga waistband that's as flexible as you are. These leggings aren't just an outfit; they're your go-to for cozy vibes and a dash of playful chic. Comfort never looked so fabulous!

To preserve the life and colours of your handmade item we recommend that you follow these care instructions:

Wash at 30 Degrees (or less)

Iron inside out

Do NOT use bleach

Do NOT Tumble Dry

Whilst we've done our best to mock up the scales and colors, remember, real life may sprinkle its magic differently. So, get ready for a delightful surprise when your eyes meet the true hues and textures – because the real thing is always more enchanting than pixels can capture

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